Farm Tours

Educational field trips for school students are a vital part of our service to the community.  Programs are designed to support all levels of education; be it public, private or home schooling groups.  Many of our staff are former educators eager to share the joy of learning.

Whoa Nellie Farm is a modern horse facility, offering Educational Field trips.  Our family has been involved in local agriculture since 1933.  The farm’s location in northern Cecil County Maryland is part of the original “Nottingham Lots” as granted by William Penn in 1682.  Our lands border the Mason-Dixon line to the north.  Whoa Nellie Farm offers hands-on experiences for school children.  Our staff has more than 60 years of combined experience in the educational and equine fields.  Our instructors are amply prepared to supplement the traditional educational efforts.

            These field trips started in 1999, at the request of local educators.  Early emphasis was directed toward plant growth and the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay.  Our farms are located on the tributaries of the North East and Elk Rivers.  Small animal, fur and feathers have always been a vital part of our programs.  We have now incorporated the major emphasis on large animal interaction with students.  This topic has gained much favor.  The students are exposed to learning experiences with hands-on excitement.  Our program is designed to co-ordinate with the Maryland Common Core Curriculum for science.  Observe the different steps of the horse and rider, horse jumping demonstrations and the relationship between the rider and the mount.  Each student is given the opportunity to feel the softness of the horses’ face, to look into the horses’ eyes on a one to one basis.  This is such a tender experience.  The proper care and nutrition of a horse is explained.

            The classroom section has emphasis on growth cycles of corn and other plants.  The many products from corn are displayed in detail, from corn meal to glue, from animal feed to high tech paints.  The “ins and outs” of a cow graphically illustrate how a cow is indeed a living factory, as they convert hay and grain into milk, butter, cheese and other by-products.

            Teachers and students enjoy the extended hayride thru our mature deciduous woodland.  They receive a hands-on and up close inspection of trees that are over 8 stories high and do indeed touch the sky.  Students learn that fertilizer is food for plants and not medicine for plants.  Good stewards of the environment do not allow run off of sediments to enter the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  Trees are a harvested crop on our farm, just like hay.  The cycle of maturity is only longer.  Teachers and students are amazed at the tranquility of the quiet stillness present in the deep woods.  The leaves in the woods are not raked each year, but are allowed to accumulate for years and become naturally composited to provide fertilizer for growth.  Smell the freshness of new growth leaves.

            Sample cuttings are provided of many species of trees.  This allows the students to count the rings to determine the age of the tree.  Examples of usage for wood are also given.  Our major trees are Oak, Poplar and Beech.  Minor species are Maple, Birch, Willow, Holly, Gum and Dogwood.  The Maryland State tree is the White Oak, learn to identify this giant of the forest.

            The standard instructional time is 90 minutes.  Programs and subject matter can be adjusted and modified to accommodate your unit of emphasis.  If desired, we can provide extended tours for groups wishing a more enhanced visit.  Your special requested are most welcome.  Our targeted age group for the school field trips is Pre-K thru Grade 3.  The season starts in mid–April thru mid-November.

            Groups may wish to allow additional time, as we welcome you to stay for a picnic lunch in the shade on tables provided.

Please call Deanna Chard to schedule your field trip this season at (856) 803-0792 or click on the Contact section and fill out a farm tour inquiry form.